Directorate of Information, Protocol and Public Relations


    The Information and Public Relations Directorate came into existence as a Unit in 2011 during the tenure of Prof. Tolu Odugbemi (OON, NNOM, FAS), as the Vice-Chancellor of the University, in his desire to keep the staff and students of the University abreast of happenings in the University and boost the administrative machinery therein.

    Mr. A. A. Adebayo was employed to pioneer the Unit in April 2011. The Directorate, under the Vice-Chancllor’s Office since it started its information function, has been overseen by the following people: Late Mr. Adeyinka Adekalu (2011 - 2015), Mr. Felix Oladapo Akinnusi 2015 – 2016), Mr. Osewole Modupe (Media Consultant/Contract Staff and former MD of Owena Press, 2016 - 2020) and Mr. Ganiyu Oke Saliu (2021 - February 2022).

    It is currently manned by a Deputy Director,  Mr. Paul B. Adeagbo, a communication specialist with experience in the media and Public Relations spanning two decades. In April 2022, the University changed the nomenclature of the unit to a directorate now known as Directorate of Information, Protocol and Public Relations and its Officers from the Administrative cadre to Information Officer cadre with effect from 4th April, 2022.


    The vision of the Directorate is to operate a vibrant communication outfit that will furnish the University community with day-to-day issues and current affairs of the University through magazines, newsletters, special releases and online media as well as to relate with its various publics in a mutually understanding way in order to boost the University image. 


    The activities and functions of the Directorate could be categorized under three major areas: Information (Advertising and Editorial), Protocols (Protocol and Event Management) and Public Relations (Media Relations/Public Relations).

    Editorial/Advertising: The Directorate over the years has been solely in charge of production of news releases, magazines, special releases, bulletins which are used to keep the University community and the larger public informed about events and other activities in the University. Some of these are produced in-house, while magazines are produced by contractor-printers after the materials have been put together by the Editorial Board of the University Publications. In recent times, the Directorate uploads news materials on the University website through the ICT. The Directorate also has an online arm that ensures that the University has a social media presence. The Online Unit created has been maintaining facebook, instagram, whatsapp and twitter handles for the University. It uploads all University news and pictures on these platforms: www.facebook.com/oaustech.edu.ng (facebook), @oaustechofficial (twitter handle), oaustechofficial (Instagram) and www.oaustech.edu.ng (University website).

    The Directorate has been in charge of all advertisements of the University. It engages in buying of media spaces in both print and electronic media. It utilized the national dailies, local dailies, television and all local radio stations in Akure, Ondo and Okitipupa cities as indicated by Management. Some adverts are prepared by the affected departments, schools or directorates, while others are prepared by the Directorate. Other adverts are prepared as jingles handled by seasoned broadcasters in studios since the University does not have such facility. The Directorate has video and still camera for recording of University activities.

    Media Relations/Public Relations: The Directorate engages in Media Relations and Public Relations activities. The media, comprising electronic, print and online, are the institutions of mass communication through which information and messages are disseminated to the public. The Directorate organizes press conferences, issues press releases, buys airtime in broadcast media and spaces in print media for advertorials, coordinates the invitation media men for University activities and ensures the welfare of media personnel while in the University.

    The Directorate consistently relates with the various publics of the University divided into students, staff, parents and guardians, government agencies like National Universities Commission (NUC), Federal Ministry of Education (FME), Okitipupa community, contractors, service providers and the alumni association. It interacts with these categories of people through its messages and other activities.

    Protocol/Events Management:  As a Directorate, it handles events and activities procedurally as it has been involved in the University's activities, providing services at events organized by the University and Schools. It is involved in protocol, booking flights and hotel accommodation for University guests.


    The strategic plan of the Directorate of Information, Protocol and Public Relations is to position Olusegun Agagu University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa, Ondo State, Nigeria as a Centre of Excellence in Science, Technology and Maritimes Education not only in Nigeria but also in Africa and beyond in the minds of its various publics. The Directorate aims at creating a positive mental image of the University in the minds of Nigerians, Africans and people of other nations as the first global institution in science, technology and maritime education. To achieve the strategic plan, the following will be done:


    The main goal of the Directorate of Information, Protocol and Public Relations is to improve the Communication Climate of the University for Optimal Productivity in teaching, learning, research and service delivery.


    To achieve the purpose of the Directorate, the following objectives have been formulated to be realized by the end of 2027:

    1. Increase Information flow for decision-making processes in order to decrease rumour-mongering in the University by 25% at the end of 2027.
    2. Increase open communication climate by 50% for staff optimal participation and engagement in decision-making at the end 2027.
    3. Decrease closed communication climate by 45% in order to reduce tension in the University at the end of 2027.
    4. Increase staff participation in decision-making processes by 40% for implementation of Government policies and management decisions by 2027.
    5. Initiate and develop a communication strategy for promoting skill acquisition and entrepreneurship careers to attain 10% self-employment after graduation through career information on quarterly basis by 2027.
    6. Initiate and develop a communication strategy for promoting agriculture and agro-allied careers through career information on quarterly basis to attain 5% engagement in agro-allied careers by 2027.
    7. Initiate and sustain University communication with alumni of the University through bi-monthly newsletters and e-mails to reach 35% alumni penetration by December 2027.
    8. Encouraging the University to provide University community with internet access for flow of information to attain 80% internet access and 50% information flow by 2027.
    9. Improve social media engagement for information dissemination and response by 50% by engaging three social media specialists by 2027.
    10. Increase flow of funds from alumni of the University by 10% through effective alumni engagement.
    11. Increase overall funding of the University through corporate donation by 15%
    12. Initiate Alumni involvement in University funding of the education of indigent students in the University, through scholarships and sponsorship, to attain 5% of the total student population by 2027.
    13. Improve student perceptions about the University to 25% and eventual participation in alumni activities 20% by 2027.
    14. Improve staff-student relationships by 25% for creating a bonding with the University after graduation by 2027.
    15. Strengthen communication with external and internal stakeholders (Federal Ministry of Education, National Commission for Teacher Education, National Universities Commission, and Staff and Student Unions) to attain 40% by 2027.
    16. Increase the use of traditional media by 20% to promote the image of the University by 2027.
    17. Generate 5% funds in the University through the initiation of campus store where items or souvenirs with the name and logo of the Universitywill be sold by 2027.
    18. Increase PR counseling role of the Directorate to attain 50% in influencing management decisions to create a positive image for the Universityby 2027.
    19. Initiate research-driven PR actions to attain 15% to bring innovative change in the University by 2027.
    20. Initiate moves to improve service delivery by 50% in all critical sectors of the University through constant engagement with the Divisions, Directorates and Units by 2027.
    21. Have a Director, two Deputy Directors, three Chief Information Officers 10 lower cadre Information Officers, one in-house graphics designer and two senior cameramen by 2027.
    22. Acquire new equipments such as video (1) and (1) digital photo cameras, a set of editing equipment, (1) photocopier,(1) operational vehicle, computer sets and (3) laptops.
    23. Reach 40% coverage of students’ news contents in the OAUSTECH Newsletter by 2027.
    24. Attain a weekly publication of OAUSTECH Newsletter as against the current bi-monthly publication by 2027.
    25. Make the University website (oaustech.edu.ng) as the most-visited Higher Educational Institution online website in Africa by 85% of students, 75% of staff and 60% increase by others.
    26. Encourage the University to initiate Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) by 2027 in order to increase access to quality education by 20% in Nigeria.


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